Ian Andrews Tax Fraud – Understanding The System

The Ian Andrews Leaf Tax Experts will tell you that tax season is no day in the park with there being federal, state and local taxes to take under consideration. Annually people are required to pay income taxes into the government on varying degrees based on their individual income. And failure to do so in a timely manner can result in penalty under the law.

Some people agree with the taxation restrictions and statutes in the state in which they live, but others find it to be a bit too much. The tax system in its simplest form is based on a person’s total annual income. In the truest sense, it means that the more that a person makes, the more they will be taxed and required to pay in to the respective government.

Depending on their marital status and how many other people they claim as dependents on the applicable tax forms will determine how many deductions that they are entitled to. Calculating taxation rates can become more complex when a person chooses to be self – employed and the rules and regulations vary across state lines.

And if a person has a small business, knowing the policies regulating those things are important in order to know how much money will need to be saved to pay in to the government. Additionally, small businesses are required to handle their paperwork themselves, which can make things seem harder. It is critical for specific self – employment taxes to be properly figured per state statute.

When taxes are not tallied and paid correctly it can result in mandatory penalties of a wide range of fines and can lead all the way up to jail time. It is very important to file annual taxes correctly in order to avoid possible consequences from failure to do so.

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