Marlon Kobacker’s View on New Method for Utilizing Nitrogen


nitrogen photoNitrogen is essential to all living things, which has led to difficulties as the world’s population continues to increase. The bacterial process that has been breaking down nitrogen since life began could not meet the demands of a hungry world, so the Haber-Bosch method was created to supplement fertilizer production and ensure that farmers could continue to keep up with the growing need for more and more food. Unfortunately, this new process left a heavy carbon footprint, using close to two percent of the worldwide supply of fossil fuels.

Thus, sustainability advisers 

such as Marlon Kobacker are always researching for new techniques to recommend to their clients in order to reduce emissions throughout the world. A new method developed by biochemists at Utah State University makes use of light to break down powerful nitrogen bonds rather than relying on burning fossil fuels. This technique could eliminate the necessity for that two percent consumption as well as make the process more energy-efficient

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